Thursday, 7 January 2010

‘Road Kill’ to be released as a Free Download VERY SOON!

Someone hit the front of the car with a deer
Hope it wasn’t you driving
A train did the same to a fox
Don’t want to see it smiling it back at me

Because I have hit the cat before
Its coat as white as snow
It came out from the side of the road
And under and bang bang bang bang bang

Forgive Ourselves for what we’ve done

*Exciting News*

‘Road Kill’ will be released through Young and Lost Club’s Digital Club - Free Downloads.

We will post full details how to download the track as soon as we have them.

To coincide and celebrate the release, our good friend Gregory Hilton has made a video and Chris from the band has remixed the track.

These, along with the mastered version of ‘Road Kill’, will be added to our blog/myspace when the song is released.

Please keep your eyes open and spread the word!

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